Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Saya ada terima banyak soalan mengenai apa nak makan.. apa boleh makan… apa tak boleh makan… Jadi harini saya ingin berkongsi beberapa menu selama 7 hari untuk berdiet dengan SD2..

7 Days Menu Suggestion for SD2 Diet Programme

With a little creativity you can make a lean protein meal that looks like this.


1. 2 Fried Eggs( Sunny side-up/over-easy), 2 ramly beef patties (burger) = 6g carbs, boiled/steamed broccoli.

2. Tuna Omelet

3. 2 half boiled egg n 2 sausage ( 1 ramly beef sausage = 1.8g carbs)

4. Tuna n Cheese Salad

5. Cheese Omelet

6. Cheesy Scrambled Egg

7. Poached egg with Turkey Ham/Beef Patties

- with a bit more effort, toss a handful of lettuce, tomatoes,cucumber with a dash of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt n pepper for salad as a side dish


1. Steamed Chicken, with stir fry siew pak choy

2. Roasted Chicken with Broccoli n mushroom

3. Grilled/steamed Fish eg: Salmon

4. Butter Prawn n stir fry spinach

5. Chicken Florentine

6. Stir fry black pepper beef / beef stew

7. Rosemary roasted chicken


1. Tomyam Seafood

2. Chicken Soup

3. Beef/mutton Soup

4. Roasted Chicken

5. Grilled Prawn n salad

6. Grilled Chicken Salad

7. Satay – Kurangkan kuah dan jgn mkn nasi impit

Lagi INFO, hubungi saya AIMIE - 012-8779212 , BERDIETLAH DENGAN CARA YANG SIHAT :)

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